June 16, 2021

These Five FNB Online Banking Benefits Will Change How You Bank Forever

Every body who’s age below 30 is internet addicted in SA these days, except our legends who want to preserve the old ways of-course. As the number of internet users is increasing, so as the number of online services online and in this post I’ll tell you about some of the great benefits of banking online through FNB.

What is FNB meaning in South Africa?

The locals know FNB as the First National Bank, it is one of the top five biggest banks in South Africa. FNB is one of the three major divisions of the First Rand Group, and the others being Rand Merchant Bank and Wesbank.

First National Bank maintains banking subsidiaries which it owns wholly or in part,

in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Eswatini, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, India, Lesotho and Guernsey.

Banking at the first national bank guarantees that your money is with the safest of hands and all your Forex trading or business transactions will be flawless.

The following are some of the top benefits you could get from their online banking service.

  • FNB has the modest Dashboard you can find, it is very easy to access and highly secured 2 factor authentication.
  • They provide paypal service for free.
  • Easy access to multiple accounts, just apply for what you need and get it fast, there’s multiple savings accounts to choose from and a Bonus e Bucks. I personally don’t even know how those work but I believe it’s awesomely unique for FNB customers.
  • Trade shares or invest in them, the FNB Dash has dedicated functions for share trading. it’s an environment you can set your own rules on how you will purchase your shares.
  • wire transfers can be manageable on the dashboard, there’s all information you need such as swift codes, the costs etc.

The bottom line is most of us just can’t stand ques and the only ques for getting things fast is the internet.

Speaking of the net, I want you to check out the systems I use to manage my Forex Portfolio through the article below.

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