June 16, 2021

Market Wizards pdf

Do you want to join a conversation of successful American Traders documented in a book? Markets Wizards is the book you should look out for, as quoted on the Wall Street Wisdom…

“If I wanted to become a tramp, I would seek information and advice from the most successful tramp I could find. If I wanted to become a failure, I would seek advice from men who had never succeed. If I wanted to succeed in all things, I would look around me for those who are succeeding and do as they have done.”

A conversation with successful traders can help you find answers you have and might help you succeed if you aren’t. The author has interviewed different traders, you will find amazing stories here: Like a trader who, after wiping out multiple times he turned a $30 000 account to $80 million as a fund manager.

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The most common trait I’ve found very common with all these traders is their attitude, they have fully trusted their different trading systems and abide by them.

Key Topics contained in Market Wizards PDF

Part I: Futures and Currencies

This section defines the interbank Currency Market. Bruce Korver, the world trader, Lary Hite respecting risk and a bunch of other interesting topics.

Part II: Mostly Stocks

Michael Steinhardt explains the concept of variant perception, William O’Neil refers to stock selection as some kind of art. David Ryan refers to stock investment as a treasure hunt.

Part III: A little bit of everything

Mark Schwartz explains his psychology as a high percentage trader, James B. Rogers explains the concept of buying value and selling Hysteria.

Part IV: The View from the Floor

Brian Gelber is a trader that got turned by a broker, Tom Baldwin is a fearless pit trader, and Tony Saliba is a one lot triumph trader. They will provide you with more information in all of that in this section.

Part V: The psychology of Trading

Dr. Van K explains his knowledge about the psychology of trading. There are a bunch of other topics serving as a summary of this book, there’s a bit of more about the author’s personal experience. Appendix 1 explains Program Trading and Portfolio Insurance and Appendix 2 explains options and some basics.

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market wizards pdf

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