May 16, 2022

The Disciplined Trader

Let me tell you my story. I began trading by December 2015, starting off with harmonic pattern trading strategy. I sucked too much in that strategy, my conflict was that competitors are making money while I wait for bats and sharks, suddenly missing them all because I didn’t trust.
Now I rock with an intra-day price action strategy learned from Al Brooks and Lens Berg. By September 2016 I had completed studying this strategy but sadly I did not make money. Something was missing and that something was “Discipline”. It was so easy for me to increase volume in each and every next trade. I rated most of my trade’s risk based on how I feel about a setup, when a chart prints a wedge I bet half of my account automatically.
Boom!! The account went broke again, it is possible that nothing was wrong with the harmonic trading strategy just as there is no problem with price action trading strategy. Clearly the problem is my lack of discipline, reckless, ignoring money management.
I get it people have different issues , so if yours prohibit your profitability download this book here. Mark Douglas will teach you the nature of your brain and how you can control it. Please let me know what you think and leave a comment.
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