February 27, 2021

Stabilis Lucra Forex Robot

Did you know over 80% of automated robots lost money during the corona crash? The stats on myfxbook show only 20% of the robots were able to recover and only a few that exceeded break even.

It’s been our mission for over three years to only publish reliable verified robots over the past three years and now we brought to your attention the Stabilis Lucra Robot.

What is Stabilis Lucra?

This is an automated FX robot that executes trades on your behalf automatically. Finally, Almond has decided to stop playing marbles with you!

This is a four time award winner on the Global Forex Expo.

The time for playing is long gone! it’s time to make some serious money on the market, this robot raked up three awards in 2016;

Best Innovative FX Product 2016, Best Forex Expert Advisor 2016, Best Performing FX Strategy 2016, and Best Expert Advisor Performance 2017.

Five Reasons for Choosing Stabilis Lucra

  1. It’s a 100% automated robot
  2. Robot made huge profits during corona virus market crash
  3. Multiple award winner
  4. Statistics are verified by myfxbook
  5. It’s easy to install on MT4

Stabilis Lucra FX robot has been created by David Jukl.

We owe this gentleman a great dept of gratitude for spending hundreds of hours mastering this robot,

so that any investor like you and I can benefit from,

look at the images below adapted from stabilis main website.

Mr David at FX Expo awards

Bigger banks don’t wont you to have reliable robots such as the stabilis lucra robot, the logic behind this fact is very simply.

Brokers depend on liquidity provides to ensure all your orders get filled,

meaning that it’s liquidity providers like Citi bank who are always ready to take the other side of your trade.

Believe me when I say that if everybody had a consistent robot such as stabilis lucra,

liquidity providers would definitely run away with their money.

Trades who lose money online still surpass 80%,

that’s why big banks stick around to take the other side of your trade just in case you got money to give due to your lack of resources.

If you acquire this trading robot it’s likely that you won’t crack the industry like George Soros did,

unless you got a billion dollar deposit. but at least you will make thousands of dollars for yourself using a reliable robot.

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It’s easy to gain access to this super robot, simply click on the download black button below, on the page that follows simply put in your name and email address and you’re in! Please leave us a comment if you have one on the comment form found at the bottom of this page, enjoy stabilis lucra Forex robot.

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