September 17, 2021

Naked Forex PDF Trading Revealed

One way or another, we are all investors. When it comes to assets that fluctuate throughout the day such as Forex, it’s best to take a step back and ask your self what giants of these markets are saying.

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you earn.

Warren Buffet

Have you ever watched “the wolf of wall street”? Mark Hanna pulled out a very important fact that “nobody knows where the market will go next no matter if you are Warren Buffet or whoever”.

What if successful trading does not require you to know where the direction of the market is to make money? Awesome I get it!

In this post, we brought you an ebook with the title “Naked Forex”. The information contained in this ebook will transform you into a super trader within weeks.

Excerpts From The Preface Of Naked Forex Trading

Nakedd forex
Naked Forex Hard Copy Image

“Unfortunately, most forex traders lose out. Profitable trading is reserved for the select few. Expectations drive reality for many things in life, and successful trading is no different”.

Most forex traders have three preconceptions about successful trading. These are the three myths of successful trading, and the structure of this book is based on each of these myths.

Myth 1: Successful trading must be indicator based. The first part of this book dispels this myth. There are many ways to profit in forex, some of them do involve indicators, but indicators are not necessary for successful trading.

There are professional traders around the globe, many of
them good friends of mine, who use “naked” charts to make trading decisions.

In some ways, indicators delay the progression of the trader because the focus is on the indicator, rather than price action. Indicators become the scapegoat for losing streaks and often keep losing traders in a holding pattern. It is much easier for the novice trader to begin trading without indicators from the beginning.

Myth 2: Successful trading must be complex. The second part of this book is about naked trading systems. These systems are incredibly simple. Do not confuse simplicity with ineptitude.

Although these systems are simple when applied correctly, they may also yield big profits and build confidence in your trading.

You may view this as the meat of the book, the most important section, but I disagree. I think the third section is the most critical to your trading success.

Myth 3: Successful trading is dependent on the trading system. This is probably the most widely held belief among traders.

This is precisely why there are thousands of trading systems on the market, all promising great riches to the brave traders who pony up the money for the next Holy Grail.

Many veteran traders understand the importance of trading psychology. Personal beliefs and attitudes toward risk are the greatest predictors of trading success, and the trading system is not nearly as important as many traders assume.

For most traders, after years of trading, this fact becomes apparent. The third section of the book concerns trading psychology and how you may both identify and change your thinking because this is the real driving factor in your trading success.

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Many readers will continue to hold onto these myths. In fact, some readers (those who believe trading success depends on the trading system) will simply read the second section and begin trading the naked trading systems.

This is unfortunate. The first section is critical because it offers reasons for price action trading (a new belief system) and a course of action for becoming an expert at naked trading (new trading habits).

The third section is where breakeven and slightly profitable traders will learn to move into the realm of the true professional trader.

All sections of the book are important, and it is my hope that by reading it you will find simple methods for extracting profits from the market.
You can trade successfully without indicators.

Someone is sitting on the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago

Warren Baffet

For many traders, naked trading is both refreshing and easy to apply. You can trade successfully with simple trading systems. Simple systems are robust and powerful.

However, ultimately, your success as a trader will depend, not on the trading system, but on how you incorporate your beliefs and attitudes about risk into your trading routine. I hope this book will aid you in your journey to trading success.

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