October 28, 2021

Latest Forex Progress Bot Download

forex progress

Introducing the new Forex Progress bot system, just about a week ago I got an email from Rita Lasker saying that she just launched a robot that she has kept secret for herself for over five years. She has made so much money that she doesn’t even mind sharing this robot any more.

I always find it helpful to think of automated robots equally as any small business, for example running an uber business what would you need?

You can start with a small sedan which ever model suits your budget, then maybe get a driver and register for the app. It’s a process right? we can’t really avoid the fact that in order to achieve any thing we have to make an effort.

Now running a currency exchange business automatically you would only need a robot or EA, but you would still need to do an effort of selecting the correct broker and allocating the correct deposit, it’s always better to remove yourself as a variable that may cause system failure.

For a robot to work similarly to a profitable proved account you have to consider matching the deposit of that winning account, some people would say that it makes no difference but that would be very wrong.

Lets make an example; Let trader one’s account be $1000 and trader two’s account be $100, with both of them using the same system or robot.

If these traders both execute a standard lot trade and lose 10 pips, they both lose $100, but trader two loses all his money. Now tell me if the next 10 trades executed by the robot are all winners, how will trader two feel cause now he’s out of funds while trader one is cashing in big?

Anyway that’s just me sharing some interesting market psychology before hyping you up with the Forex progress bot because believe me I just might:-) I got the image below from Rita.

Forex Progress is completely automatic, that means you can go to your regular day job while picking trades better than a small time trader watching the screens all day.

Forex Progress Bot Features

  • It’s 100% automated system
  • Supports all currency pairs (just don’t get greedy and trade them all!)
  • It is very good on short time frames like 5 min, 15 min and 30 min
  • Has trailing stop capability
  • Latest cutting edge technology in place

If there is anything to know about this tool is that it’s amazing, at first I only looked at the screen shots, iv’e added one below.

Progress bot screenshot

I’ve lost so much money on hypes before so believe me when I say that a screenshot like that means nothing to me, so Rita showed me the performance of one of her accounts recorded by myfxbook.

There’s many bullshitters out there but they can’t bypass myfxbook verification system, looking at myfxbook trend I very much approve this system is business!

Robot Live Action

to sum up this system in two words would simply be a Perfect Holy grail, but I hate that word because it has potential to make you think its a get rich quick system, remember getting rich is making small chunks of cash from the market consistently. Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think on the comment box below, and don’t skip the download button:-D

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