July 7, 2022

Keltner Channel Indicator – Free System Download

Heads up there’s a new market crasher in the business, introducing the Keltner channel System pro. This tool is suitable for liquid markets, even crypto currencies.

This system uses a technical tool called Keltner channel, technicians know this as an indicator with a central moving average and two channel lines above and below.

Keltner Channel

The pro version is a bit more enhanced compared to the standard Keltner channel, it has additional features like the ones you see on the image above.

Red star indicates potential resistance and blue star indicates potential support, the central moving average changes colour, it turns purple when there’s bears in the market and light blue when there’s bulls in the market.

Keltner Channel Usage Guide Lines

  • When the market is bullish, look only for buying opportunities
  • when the market is bearish only look for selling opportunities
  • the market is temporarily bullish if the central moving average is blue
  • Market is temporarily bearish if the central moving average is is purple
  • No newbies in this system

Its important to understand that the market is always in a temporal state, the Keltner channel system is not very simple like systems that use arrows for signals, using this system requires high level of discretion and experience.

Download the Keltner channel system


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