October 28, 2021

InfoBoard Forex Indicator For MT4

Introducing a new version of Infoboard mt4 indicator. This forex indicator is very popular with retail traders all over the world. The infoboard works on any currency pair and timeframe. Are you new or experienced? It does not really matter because this indicator will help you identify various behaviors and patterns in price changes, which are invisible to the naked eye.

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Adding the data provided by infoboard indicator in your trading will give you the opportunity to oversee future price movement and adjust your trading strategy accordingly.

Install Infoboard indicator, your platform will look like this:

Infoboard mt4 2020
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Infoboard indicator displays information such as spread, ATR, swap, etc. The essence of this indicator is to transform the accumulated history data and be presented in a piece of logically usable information.

Some of the features include:

  • One click trading functions: Buy/Sell, close all, close, close – half.
  • Risk Calculator: Points distance, risk size and calculate with money risk.
  • Choose which information to be displayed and hide information you don’t need.
  • One Click hide/show panel.
  • Fractal trend indicator.
  • Adjustable short cuts, notifications, colors, corner, x-y offset.

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If you have visited our portal before you’re probably expecting usage guidelines, but with the infoboard indicator we provide none. That’s because this indicator is not directly involved in taking
trades, it just provides the information. It’s up to you to decide how you will use the information provided by the infoboard.

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