December 8, 2021

Infinity Scalper Metatrader 4 Indicator Download

Introducing the Infinity scalper trading system. This is a very simple Forex system. The infinity scalper was designed exclusively for scalpers. The system is suitable for trading in any currency pair, and it works on shorter time frames such as the 1-minute time-frame up to the 15 minute time frame.

Install Infinity Scalper, Your platform should look like this;

Infinity scalper
Scroll down to download infinity scalper

The infinity scalper trading system is one of a kind, it consists of special indicators that have been used by traders for many years. The first indicator is donchian channel, think of it as Bollinger bands. The upper donchian acts as resistance, and the lower donchian acts as support.

Other indicators are situated just below the main chart, this area is the indicator window. The main indicator in this area is the commodity channel index. The index scales price between -200 to +200.

When the indicator moves around -200 to -100, its a signal that the market has reached support and buyers may be ready to buy.

When the commodity channel index is around 200 to 100, it signals that the market has reached resistance.

Buying Conditions

This system works well with confirmations, all you have to do is look out if the indicators are aligned then execute your trades.

  • The first confirmation is the donchian, make sure price is on the lower donchian.
  • Secondly, confirm with the commodity channel index, it should be around -200 to -100.
  • Confirm the OA indicator is below the o line.
  • when they all align place a buy order.
  • Place the stop and target in areas where you are comfortable with the risk.
  • Repeat the buying process.

Selling Conditions

  • Confirm the donchian channel indicator, price should be on the upper donchian.
  • Secondly, confirm the commodity channel index is around 200 to 100.
  • Make sure the OA indicator is above the zero lines.
  • When the indicators align, place a buy order.
  • Place the stop and target in areas where you are comfortable with the risk.
  • Repeat the selling process.

One thing you have to note before using the system is that its no holy grail. There are other important factors which we did not cover such as risk management. Most professionals recommend 2% per trade but that’s a lot.

Use the system with extreme caution, good luck!

Download Free Infinity scalper Trading System

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