October 28, 2021

The Hedge Fund Edge PDF

It has been a while since the last time we had an ebook, this one is special no exception just like every ebook we post. The Hedge Fund Edge is an ebook written for investors and traders alike. A smart man once said “Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, this ebook has interesting topics and if you read it whole, It’s guaranteed your life will never be the same.

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Move fast and break things, unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enogh.


We have the ebook at the bottom for free download. But continue reading so that you can see some of the topics contained in the ebook, perhaps that will help you in deciding whether you get interested or not.

The hedge fund edge looks just like an ancient book, the wisdom in it is similar to that of Ti Chi scroll all the way from China! It was written by Mark Boucher and published by Wiley & Sons.

John Wiley & Sons have a long history of publishing books for investors and traders. The hedge fund edge is one of Wiley’s best sellers.

Excerpts from the introduction, ” This book is written for every investor or trader—large or small— who wants a methodology to consistently profit from the markets without incurring huge risks.

In this era of exploding U.S. and global stock markets, many investors are focusing most of their attention on returns, not on risk.

I can safely say that the methodologies advocated in this book offer highly pleasing potential returns.

Our newsletter to clients has shown average annual returns of over 32 percent per year since 1992, without a losing year and, more significantly, without a drawdown of over 10 percent (this has more than doubled this period).

During this same period, the funds I have consulted for have done even better in terms of both risk and return, with real money, investing millions of dollars globally.

And in researching the concepts on which these methodologies are based, my colleagues and I have gone back to the early 1900s to verify their rigor.

Thus while I am confident that the methodologies described here can enable you to pull consistently large profits from the markets, I also hope that the book sharpens your focus on two equally important factors of investment—risk and market understanding.”

Hedge Fund Edge Content Page

Introduction – 1
The Importance of Risk – 2
How It All Started – 5
How to Recognize a Market Master – 6
Understanding Is Key to Success – 9
Overview of the Approach in This Book – 9

1 The Risk of Traditional Investment Approaches – 16
The Effects of a Long-Term Bull Market – 16
Long-Term Returns in Equities – 19 
Protection against Bear Markets – 26
Blue Chip Stocks – 28 
Investment Criteria – 30
High Returns and High Consistency—The Tradeoff – 35
Summary – 41

2 Liquidity—The Pump That Artificially Primes Investment Flows – 43
Understanding the Austrian Interpretation of the Liquidity Cycle – 45
The Liquidity Cycle Illustrated with an Island Economy – 48

The Liquidity Cycle in Modern Economies – 51
Timing the Liquidity Cycle – 62
Understanding Economic Gauges – 89
Implications for U.S. Markets – 100

3 Index Valuation Gauges—Do Not Ignore the
Price You Pay 111
Using Index Valuation Gauges 111
Limitations of Index Valuation Analysis 115
Using Gauges for Mutual Funds 116
Valuation Gauges for International Markets 117
Summary 122

4 Macro Technical Tools—Making Sure the Tide
Is Moving in the Right Direction 124
The Argument for Technical Analysis 125
Taking a Wider View 128
Using Technical Analysis to Confirm Trends 130
Reading the Message of the Markets 132
Overview of Technical Analysis 134
Answering Criticism of Technical Tools 146
Summary 150

5 Containing Risk—Sound Strategy and Money
Management Methods and the Principles of
Character Necessary to Achieve Them 151
Money Management Rules 152
Principles of Character 161

6 The Essence of Consistent Profits—Understanding 166
Austrian Alchemy 168
Alchemy versus Economics 174
The Long-Run Growth Paradigm 180
Negative Tax Policies 190

Disastrous Social Programs 198
Minimum Wage Policies 202
Economic Freedom Index 204
When Investing, Look for Countries with
Low Impediments to Growth 206
Profiting from Understanding Distortions 207
Some U.S. Distortions 209
Evaluating Government/Media Hype 220
Secular Themes and Trends 227
Examples of Secular Themes and Trends 230
Summary 239

7 Equity Selection Criteria Long and Short— How Profits Are Magnified 240
Mutual Funds . 241
Individual Stock Selection 245
Identifying Meteors and Fixed Stars 248
Equity Fuel 261
Measuring Price against Growth 265
Modern Portfolio Theory Methods 270
Stock Trading Method . 273
Summary 285

8 Other Asset Classes and Models to Exploit Them 287
Outperformance and Asset Allocation 287
Building a Portfolio 293
Exploring Asset Classes 294
Summary 327

9 Asset Allocation Models and Global Relative Strength
Analysis—Constructing a Portfolio 329
Using Asset Allocation Models 329
Global Relative Strength: Radar Screen for
Flexible Asset Allocation 336
Summary 343

I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.

Mark Zuckerberg

I believe that the introduction alone contains enough information for you to decide whether you would take the opportunity to read this book or not, my job here is done! Enjoy, the download link below.

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