December 8, 2021

Harmonic Pattern Indicator ex4

Introducing the famous harmonic pattern indicator. This is a very simple forex technical trading system. The harmonic pattern indicator is mostly used by price action traders but it is suitable for traders at all levels.

This indicator scans harmonic patterns with their respective Fibonacci ratios. Say goodbye to missing opportunities due to manual pattern identification limitations, because this indicator scans them almost instantly as you open your chart. You can use this indicator on any trading timeframe and on any currency pair.

Install Harmonic Pattern Indicator ex4, your platform should look like this:

Harmonic Pattern Indicator
Scroll down to download Harmonic Pattern Indicator

The Harmonic Pattern Indicator is flexible when it comes to displaying. You can actually choose any color for your patterns. To make a stable system out of this indicator you can mark price magnets on your chart or combine it with other indicators such as support and resistance indicator.

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This indicator will:

  • Improve your success rate.
  • Improve your discipline.
  • Improve your trader status.

Buying conditions Using Harmonic Pattern Indicator

  • Verify bullish market environment.
  • Verify Valid Harmonic Pattern.
  • Execute Trade.
  • Place stop just below the signal bar or support.
  • Wait for the trade outcome.
  • Repeat.

Selling Conditions Using Harmonic Pattern Indicator

  • Verify bearish market environment.
  • Verify a valid harmonic pattern.
  • execute a sell trade.
  • Place stop just above the signal bar or resistance.
  • Wait for the trade outcome.
  • Repeat.

Are you a fan of harmonic patterns? Please help others know that they too can get this indicator for free here with us.

Download Harmonic Pattern Indicator ex4 For Free!

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