December 8, 2021

Fully Automated Forex Combo System V6.1

Welcome to one of our latest EA publication this season. Forex Combo System is 100% automated and has over 10 years proof of live profits. Forget Facebook groups and forums where traders claim they are good managers and they can make you huge returns. Forget the expensive learning curve you have to endure in order to be very good in trading.

At the end of the day it’s your own time, your own money. The clock is ticking it is all up to you to decide, it gets even more expensive because testing out many systems by your own is costly and time consuming.

The Forex Combo System is still being proven on a day to day basis. And on a real live account and a demo account.

Forex Combo System Features

  • Trend Detection + Counter trend: This EA is very fast to act accordingly when market movement is detected.
  • Scalping Strategy: The EA has been optimized to exit 80% of trades at a profit.
  • Market Scan: FX Combo EA actively scans the market for the best opportunities completely on autopilot.
  • Stop Loss Protection: The Ea has a unique logic that allows it to exit unsuccessful trades at a minimal loss.
  • Money Management: The EA will limit trades according to the risk profile of your choice.
  • Volatile Market Protection: Forex Combo System exits trades automatically prior to high impact news.

Forex Combo System Review

With the FX Combo you get 4 systems on one EA, special features like push notification by mobile sms and email. One of it’s greatest advantage is that it doesn’t trade on high volatility, keeping you safe from Monday gaps.

Most average traders spend many hours searching for the right robot or strategy. I believe that’s chasing a fantasy, most successful traders use everything at their disposal which is proven to make money. They ditch it as soon as it stops performing.

Learn more from the eBook guide that comes with the Forex Combo, hit the download button below and enjoy watching your equity grow.

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