December 8, 2021

Ultimate Trend Signals Indicator 2020

Enjoy Forex Trading with this awesome Trend Signals Indicator (Ultimate Trend Signals Indicator with BUY/SELL Alerts)

(Upgraded for new MT4-Build 600 Platform)

This is one of the best Forex Indicator system available for MetaTrader-4 Powered by the most advanced, adaptive, and profitable trading

(turning-point detection) algorithms on the market, using RSI, MACD, ADX and Moving Average Strategies.

This product will give you everything  you need to overcome losses due to human emotions and guide you for profitable Forex trading

When this Indicator is active on a Chart

The Information board gives you the Trend Analysis of  M1 to H4 Time Frames: Trend is UP or DOWN, WEAK or STRONG, BULLISH or BEARISH using MACD, RSI and Moving Average Strategies

And the BUY/SELL indicators (BLUE and RED spots) shows you when to buy and when to sell using Non-Repaint ADX Crossing Indicator system

with Message/Sound and Email Alerts

This ADX Crossing Arrow (spots) indicator is a Cyclic indicator which follows: Buy-Sell-Buy-Sell……Sequence

The Best Custom Forex Indicators Ever

In addition to the above, you can see the Daily Average open Price Line and Central Pivot Line which will be discussed later in this guide.

Please be noted that this Indicator works on the Time Frames M1 to D1 only and the history of ADX crossing (Buy/Sell) indicators (Blue and RED spots) can be seen on 500 previous bars only.

(These limitations have been adopted to avoid malfunctions of the indicator software)

I advise you to study the operation of this indicator in a Demo Account before going to use it in a real account.


How to Install it in Mt4-Build 600 or higher Platform:

  1. Find the “Ultimate-Trend-Signals-v1-600.ex4” file in the downloaded files and copy this file.
  2. Start your MT4 Forex program and on the Menu Bar and go to…

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators folder as described in the picture below.

  1. Paste the copied “Ultimate-Trend-Signals-v1-600.ex4” file into the “indicators”
  2. Close all the opened folders and restart your MT4 Forex program.
How to Install it in Mt4-Build 500 or lower Platform:
  1. Find the “Ultimate-Trend-Signals-v1-500.ex4” file in the downloaded files and copy this file.
  2. Then, open the “indicators” folder on your hard disk where MetaTrader 4 software is Example: C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\experts\indicators.
  3. Paste the copied “Ultimate-Trend-Signals-v1-500.ex4” file into the  “indicators”

Close all the opened folders and start your MT4 Forex program.

Then, open any chart and import the “Ultimate-Trend-Signals-xxx.ex4” (xxx = 500 or 600) into the chart as follows.

Go to the Navigator section in the chart, then go to Custom Indicators and find the “Ultimate-Trend-Signals-v1-xxx.ex4” and double click on it.

Then you will get the Indicator property window (shown in the figure down). Tick on “Allow DLL imports” and then click on the “OK” button.

Now you will see the Indicator Display Board appeared at the Top-Left of the Chart. Then, right-click on the chart and in the Menu go to:

Properties > Common and un-tick  > Chart on Foreground

Then the Indicator Display will appear front (foreground) of the chart as shown in the picture below. Then restart the MT4 Platform. That’s all. You have done it!

You have to wait for a few minutes until the signals are established.

Other than these conditions, you can follow the BUY/SELL Signal Indicators on the Chart or you can follow both strategies to make a decision when opening a trade. The most important thing is catching the trend as early as possible at the beginning of the trend. (see Fig-3)

Here, I just wanted to start a Sell Trade when I saw the RED DOT indicating a Down Trend, as well as the Trend Analysis, was good. I opened a Sell Trade

(1st Entry) with Normal Volume size (0.10). Then I realized it is a strong down-trend (information box signals are all red) and opened another entry (2nd Entry)

with increased Volume size (0.50).

Then the price bar has dropped up to 1.36298 and while it was moving upwards I closed both the trades not taking any risk.

You can see in the above picture I have earned $36 on the 2nd trade in 5 minutes. This is called SCALPING, making big profits in a short time.

If I have increased the Lot Size to (1.0), I could have earned $72 on the 2nd trade. But it is very risky. You must assure that the trend is very strong.

The picture above shows an example of Day Trading using the Buy/Sell Indicator and the Trend Analysis indicator.

At (1) there was no trend and I was waiting for price bars moving for a fair amount (at least 10 pips).

At (2) I found price bars started to move in a fair amount of pips

At (3) found a strong Bearish Trend (with a Red dot over the price bar and good bearish Trend information in the Trend Analysis)

At (4) I opened a Sell Trade at 1.38325.

At (5) I got Alert signal for Buy Entry and observed the trend is reversed, ( Blue dot and bullish Trend Analysis) then I closed the trade at 1.37545.

I have earned around 75 pips in this trade in about 11 hours.

The use of “Daily Open Line” and “Central Pivot Line”

When a price bar meets/passes “Daily Open Line” or “Central Pivot Line” it may cause a reversal and move the price bar opposite direction. You must take care of these situations.

Some traders use this action in their strategy while trading. There is about a 75% chance of getting reversals here. You can try it out too.

If a price bar passes the “Daily Open Line” or the “Central Pivot Line” by 2-3 pips you are not in danger of getting reversals and that means the trend is very strong.

How to avoid losses in Forex Trading:

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