December 8, 2021

Forex Triple Hit System Download

forex triple hit

Rita Lasker from Green Forex Group has done an amazing job releasing Forex Triple Hit. It’s an indicator that can help you pick extremely profitable trades without hassle.

Forex triple hit indicator is very good at reading price movement. Therefore it can read any currency pair you may wish to trade.

Check the images below for the most recent screen shots.

Forex Triple Hit Screenshot One

See the screen shot above with an insane total of +876 pips in only three days.

Forex Triple Hit Screenshot Two

Screen shot two shows a couple of live trades executed on GBPAUD pair, that day the system made a total of 407 pips in just two days.

Forex Triple Hit System Features

Rita and her team really nailed this one. You can easily guess the trading routine here, buy when the blue pivot shows and sell when the yellow pivot shows.

That’s too easy! you can even ask some one you trust at times when you are busy to keep an eye for you and alert you immediately after the pivots show.

Not to say you need any help from someone because this system has built in alerts, some of it’s features include;

  • Unique combination of algorithms
  • Oscillator that tracks big trends
  • Buy and sell arrows
  • Support and resistance levels
  • Life time support if you get in touch with Rita Lasker

The system Rita and her team created benefits both newbies and experience professionals, take a look at another screenshot below;

Triple Hit Screen shot 3

How does a total of 1215 pips sound like for such an easy system? well you won’t get exactly the same results due to the dynamics of the trading environment, but you will definitely catch pips no matter how many.

The system itself is valued at $429, and Forex triple hit assistant is valued at $328 with a total package worth $757.

Believe that this system pulls some serious numbers out of the market.

Otherwise who would go far in life selling bullshit worth that kind of money?

The good news for you is that today we won’t be asking you for $757, so don’t think and just download it now before we change hearts.

2 thoughts on “Forex Triple Hit System Download

  1. Where do you find these figures because this indicator cost only $229 which is indicator plus EA?

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