January 18, 2022

Introducing the DNA scalper, this is a Forex indicator designed for Meta Trader 4.0. The DNA scalper is truly cutting edge adaptive technology, this allows the indicator to pinpoint exactly the right time to enter and exit a trade.

Inside the DNA Scalper package you get

  • An effective trading algorithm
  • User Friendly Visual Interface
  • Minimal time investment
  • High profit signals
  • You’ll find it perfect for beginners
  • Unique trend power detection
  • Adaptable to multiple trading styles
  • Reliable signals with 100% non repaint
  • Supports all major currency pairs

Once in action, it looks like this;


The DNA scalper is very easy to use, the visual interface has been slit in two, the indicator window and main chart. The main chart as clean with nothing to read. the indicator window has the signal generator. Simply buy and sell when the two line meet in the middle. The buying signals are light blue, the selling signals are red.

People are Excited from using DNA Scalper

The DNA Scalper indicator has three modes

1. Conservative Mode

Signals Frequency = Normal

Safety = Maximum

Trend Detection = Standard

Low Risk

2. Medium Mode

Signals Frequency = High

Safety = Optimal

Trend Detection = Sensitive

Moderate Risk

3. Aggressive Mode

Signals Frequency = Extreme

Safety = Low

Trend Detection = Highly sensitive

High Risk

Win Tons Of Trades!

That’s because you will do almost NO thinking whatsoever. You won’t be struggling to read the charts determining if prices will go up or down.

No. Instead, an algorithm that’s been developed by an expert team of programmers and traders will do all that for you. It adapts to any market conditions, gathers and processes information in its so-called “brain”

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