July 7, 2022

Bill Lipschutz – Day Trading Signals

Day trading signals are currently the best investment vehicle to consider in the modern world. Have you ever wondered; what if there was a way for you to earn unlimited profits from the Forex industry? without the need for formal education and without sufficient experience?

“If most traders could learn to sit on their hands 50% of the time, they could make a lot of money

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If you have, then you are a visionary like me and I’m glad to introduce you to trading signals. I understand most people have been lied to by scammers, promised unlimited profits based on 100% accurate trading systems. Believe me, I have seen that.

My aim in this post is to explain what trading signals are, the advantages and disadvantages of day trading signals. I will also share the key things to look at when separating a legitimate signal provider from scammers.

What Are Trading Signals?

Signals are suggestions for entering trades of specified assets, usually at a specific price and time.

Most day trading signal providers focus on supplying signals based on technical analysis. Some use robots and few use fundamental analysis.

Modern signal providers use copy trading or social trading as their signal distribution channel.

Advantages Of Day Trading Signals

  • Signals Simplify the investor’s trading activities.

Watching the market 24/5 can be tiring and not suitable for every investor. Outsourcing analysis from your trading business is actually a smart thing to do.

  • Signals reduce risk, especially for new investors.

Signal providers are experts in trading. They have more experience which in turn exposes investor’s portfolios to higher probability trades.

This way new traders and investors get the chance to make money instead of the other way around.

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Disadvantages Of Day Trading Signals

  • Scams

There are money people out there pretending to supply 100% accurate trading signals. This is a major downfall because you can’t tell who are the people behind the logo.

  • Costs

The second set back is the cost. Free signals are sexy, but expert traders rarely supply day trading signals for free.

More on trading signals…

Signal providers use RSS, email, telegram, websites, twits and all other immediate options to supply trading signals.

The best way to avoid scammers is to pay attention to the provider’s track record.

My fxbook, mql5, forex factory, and other communities have great systems in place for verifying profitable signals providers.

One other way to avoid risk is becoming modern, by that I mean join copy trading.

Copy trading app connects a portion of your portfolio with the portfolio of an expert trader of your choice.

Once you copy a trader, all of their live transactions will be copied to your account.

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