September 16, 2021

Candlestick Dashboard Indicator

Introducing the candlestick dashboard indicator for refining technical analysis. This is a very simple forex indicator, any trader from novice to expert can use it. The Candlestick dashboard indicator displays the positive and negative candlestick for almost any currency pair in all trading timeframe. The red color is for bearish candles, lime color is for bullish candles. The numbers: (0 is for the most recent candlestick, 1 is for the previous candlestick, 2 is for the 2 periods ago.

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This indicator alone cannot be used as a complete system because it does not provide signals. You can use this indicator on any timeframe and any currency pair.

Install the Dashboard Indicator, your platform should look like this: candlestick dashboard candlestick dashboard

We hope you enjoy using the latest version of the Candlestick Dashboard Indicator. The download link is available below and good luck with your trading!

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