April 22, 2021

Latest Bitcoin Investment Trends in South Africa

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Have you seen the price of bitcoin in March 2021, it’s over $50,000.00. That’s more than R800,000.00 in South African rand. The good question now is how can you safely jump in this fast moving train?

About two years ago we discussed how you can open an e-wallet for bitcoin and other crypto-currencies through coin-base.

Back then we were not as visible in search results so you probably missed it, we mentioned that bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you can either buy or sell or exchange with out any middle bank.

we even mentioned that to earn bitcoin you can either trade it via CFD brokers, or mine them.

Bitcoin brokers in South Africa

SABC news invited a bitcoin millionaire back in 2007, refer to the YouTube video below.

Mpho Dagada has made millions investing in crypto-currencies and in the video interview above he shares how secret systems helped make him rich at age 21.

Top three bitcoin releases that will get you in the Forbes list by end of this year!


Want to jump into this train? don’t go blank slate, there is a system called CRYPTO ULTIMATUM. Knowledge is key to success and spending few minutes unfolding the secrets contained in this system can set you free for life.

2. Bitcoin Vault mining pool

These are systems that take advantage of other booming crypto-currencies with a process that increases the safety of e-wallets. In some way investors are now hitting it big investing in crypto vault networks.

3. Victory Crypto

Victory crypto is a software used by secret millionaire to earn bitcoins, altcoins, etherum and many other crypto-currencies.

Investors using victory crypto don’t have to install any software, everything is managed by Victory Crypto dedicated team.

It’s a good option for investors who don’t have any time to read books and stuff just to make more money.

Skepticism is living in the past, so SABC news interviewed a millionaire back in 2017, fast forward to 2021 , Multi Billionaire Elon Musk fuels the Crypto giant by injecting $1 Billion to keep telsa going strong.

He probably made another Billion dollars from that investment, any investor regardless if they are rich or poor, crypto-currencies can generate lots of profits.

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