December 8, 2021

MT4 – Aroora buy sell Indicator

Introducing Aroora buy sell forex indicator. The Aroora buy & sell forex indicator is a momentum based indicator, it is also very easy to use. When momentum builds up in the market, this technical indicator will alert you with occurring buy & sell signals.
Using Aroora buy & sell forex indicator is all it takes for you to generate consistent profits in forex. Trading a standard lot worth $10 and capturing 50 pips daily using Aroora buy & sell indicator would generate $2 500 in a week and $10 000 in 4 weeks for you.
The best aspect is that you can use it on almost any timeframe and it works on all currency pairs. Try it on bitcoin paired with USD, works like a charm. I must admit though that using this indicator without the basic knowledge of trends is risky, use trend lines to identify your trends and you won’t go wrong, even traders using fundamental analysis for their trading use trend lines.

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Install Aroora buy/sell Indicator in your platform, you chart should look like:

aroora buy sell indicator
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The Aroora Buy/Sell Indicator is simply a custom moving average that changes color. When the market is bullish it becomes green and when the market is bearish the indicator becomes red.
I believe it would be very profitable to use this indicator with support resistance indicator or the harmonic pattern indicator. Then you’d confirm at least two powerful indicators before executing a buy/sell trade.

Conditions for buying using Forex Indicator

  • Confirm the trend is bullish.
  • Aroora buy/sell Indicator should be green.
  • Enter on price action buy signal (morning star, piercing pattern, etc.)
  • Place the stop just below the entry signal or below support.
  • Place the target before resistance.
  • Record results and repeat.

Conditions for selling using Forex Indicator

  • Confirm the market trend is bearish.
  • Aroora buy/Sell indicator should be red.
  • Enter on price action sell signal (dark cloud cover, piercing pattern, etc.)
  • Place the target before support.
  • Record the results and repeat.

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