September 17, 2021

17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies PDF Free Download

I have published lots of Forex strategies for traders in the past years, one of my top lessons was that proving isn’t just enough, some of you guys are beginners, even if you were pro there’s absolutely no way you could test our entire collection.

In this article, I list some of the top reliable systems and Forex tools which you can use to make money right away in the business, we process thousands of systems it’s tiring and exhausting, imagine if you added “money loss” ontop of getting exhausted by the search, do you get the picture?

Back in 2018, I published twenty best Forex strategies, so this article may seem like a duplicate, but that’s far from the truth, back in 2018 I based the list based on the volume of downloads a system has because I had limited data, my mind told me that if people download a specific system too much then it deserved to be on my list.

But in 2020 things have changed, we have a lot of systems, and we are also considering forum mentions, search interest, and reviews as our way to determine a system or tool worth your time.

1. Forex Trendy ScannerPremium Systems
2. ATR IndicatorMT4 Indicators
3. Onyx ScalperPremium Systems
4. Agimat IndicatorMT4 Indicators
5. DNA ScalperPremium Systems
6. Vortex Trader ProPremium Systems
7. GPS Forex RobotPremium Systems
8. Forex Alpha RobotPremium Systems
9. Infinity ScalperPremium Systems
10. Xmaster FormulaMT4 Indicators
11. EMA – Exponential Moving AverageMT4 Indicators
12. Candlestick DashboardMT4 Indicators
13. Instant Profit ScalperMT4 Indicators
14. Ichimoku Kinko HyoMT4 Indicators
15. Kaufman Buy Sell Line IndicatorMT4 Indicators
16. Awesome AcceleratorMT4 Indicators
17. Buy sell signals Ultimate ArrowsMT4 Indicators

I understand quite well that if you don’t have a strategy or the best tool in the business, you may take forever to realize your dreams, so I’ll keep this list proven and up to date so that you won’t have to go through our whole collection to find the correct tool.

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